Aura Project 5

A nationwide focus on high-quality finishes and sound environmental standards has gone beyond the luxury real estate market in recent years, with the public calling for higher standards across the property spectrum.

Identifying this shift, Aura Projects (AP) is a fast-growing turnkey company in the construction industry that is led by Aurelia Ferreira and her team.

Whilst relatively new, the company has already completed the overhaul of 430 bathrooms at the Intercontinental Hotel, revamped luxury villas, and built and finished plenty of apartments and penthouses to exceptional standards. Their success lies in one simple skill: listening to their customer. 

“Our approach is to listen carefully to understand exactly what your vision is for your home or property so we can align the whole team on achieving it. We will advise, prompt or suggest, but it is your project!” explained Aurelia, owner and CEO. 

Aura Projects CEO CEO Aurelia Ferreira
Aura Projects CEO, Aurelia Ferreira

Remarkably, the AP team works with the best ‘tried and tested’ suppliers and subcontractors around, rather than relying on their own team, so that the best for a specific project can always be chosen. The AP team then coordinates the whole project on-site, using technology and smart tools that clients have access to and can follow each step of the project, day by day. 

“With our methods, you are fully aware of the pace of your project, the budget alignment and next steps. We are perhaps one of the few companies that are fully transparent with our clients as we believe that a trusting relationship will get better results,” said Aurelia, who has over 20 years of experience in the field. 

“We also develop our own projects and ‘flip’ properties, and we don’t differentiate on quality. We build every house as though we ourselves were to live in it.

“At the moment we are growing the team and also taking on some larger projects, so if you are looking for someone to rely on for your next real estate adventure, get in touch and we’ll have a chat over tea,” concludes the owner and CEO.


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