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The need to adapt

Looking back at how GFS evolved in 2020 is impressive in my point of view. We have managed to keep our doors open while allowing personnel to work from home to minimise contact between each other, which a the same time ensured continuity. This could not be achieved without investing in a secure digital infrastructure. Our clients suffered a slow down however being an island we rely on importation, hence the flow of work continued but at a slower pace.

The Maltese economy has slowed down and the Government is trying to do its utmost to attract tourists to our country, which provide the most vital income, while at the same time trying to keep the economy going. It’s not easy for everyone and we all have to pull forward together and look at the future as if looking over the horizon.

The future is the most challenging as we are entering a new era where businesses have to develop and move quickly, to assert themselves in ever-changing markets. I would safely say that everyone is tired of the pandemic and are looking forward to days where business can flourish again. As the saying goes, ‘after the storm the sun comes out‘. We have to keep positive and keep on going with a positive outlook, after all this pandemic has been with us for two years or so.

Core activities

In the current situation, GFS has developed to be an all-rounder and compliments its partners by assisting according to their specific needs. Our personnel understand the requirements and we can offer solutions. To enhance such solutions in 2020 we have partnered with Italian Transporters, ARCESE, thus 2020 has seen the development of GFS trailer service from all European countries, which is consolidated at Arcese Warehouse in Milan and cargo loaded every Friday.

This has enabled us to truly offer a one-stop-shop service to our customers together with an improved service of reliability and continuation within the trailer service.

We service the local market, being FCL’s, LTL, FTL’s Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and whatever is required. However, we also have to mention that we specialise in T/s of cargo.

The knowledge gained through the years of experience of GFS employees is all transmitted to its clients to become partners.

Trade with Libya

We are still active in the Libyan sector. We consolidate groupage cargo in Malta and load containers to be directed to our Libyan agents for clearance. However, GFS will continue investing in the Libyan market to offer its unique services to the network and esteemed clientele in the North African continent.

The future

The future is always hazy and what we do today should be a lesson learnt for tomorrow, thus through continuous learning GFS can continue to offer that unique service and relationship with its clientele, who really and truly are the employers of the company and the wage payers to all works.

Continued development

The recent COVID situation has shown that GFS is a resilient company that is alive and evolving daily. Our customers‘ demands and requirements are driving the company to continuously evolve and improve efficiency, with customer relationships second to none. We have been ISO Certified for five years now. This in itself has pushed the company to pursue daily internal changes to improve efficiency. The day we stop hearing our customer’s requirements and learning from our mistakes will be the day the company stops evolving, which will never happen as it goes against our concepts and believes.


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