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In the aftermath of the fire at Catania Airport which broke out on 16th July, Air Malta has cancelled several more flights passing through the airport until the end of July.

The following flights have been cancelled:

  • 26th July KM642 Malta to Catania (22:00)
  • 27th July KM644 Malta to Catania (13:35)
  • 28th July KM644 Malta to Catania (13:15)
  • 29th July KM644 Malta to Catania (15:05)
  • 31st July KM644 Malta to Catania (15:35)

Passengers were informed that if they booked their flights directly through Air Malta and wanted a monetary refund, they could submit a request, and if they booked through an agent, they were informed to contact their agency.

Those who wished to rebook their tickets were informed to contact the airline’s call centre.

The island of Sicily has been severely impacted by wildfires which are fast spreading throughout the country aided by strong winds. The fires followed a heatwave which saw temperatures rise as high as 47.6 C on 24th July (Monday), which also led to the temporary closure of Palermo Airport.

Fortunately, Palermo Airport reported a return to normality on Wednesday (today), however, the temporary closure further disrupted travel plans for people passing through Sicily. Since flights through Catania Airport are still limited due to ongoing repairs, a number of flights were diverted to pass through Palermo Airport.

The two airports have also suffered technical outages, with Catania Airport’s online check-in system being temporarily unavailable, and Palermo Airport’s website being inaccessible.

Due to the wildfire spreading across the island, tourists were reportedly evacuated from various resorts.

Featured Image: Air Malta flight via Facebook


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