Another infrastructural project is in the pipeline, this time along Triq il-Marfa, Mellieħa. Roadworks are planned to start from the Marfa roundabout, all the way to Ċirkewwa terminal.

The new project was announced on Monday (today) and is expected to be completed before summer commences.

Officials from Infrastructure Malta explained that the project will be divided in different phases. The first phase will focus on the area from the roundabout towards the direction of the police station and the Ċirkewwa terminal.

Department of Information (DOI)

The steel structures seperating the existing lanes will be replaced by concrete structures “certified to offer the highest level of security.” Such a change will be able to accommodate more space and will be used in a more effective manner.

The works will be conducted to effectively utilise the existing space. Nonetheless, the bicycle lane will be preserved and extended in specific areas. Another alternative route will be established on Triq ta’ Msid to enable cyclists to travel from Armier to Marfa.

The needed precautions will be taken to make sure that works won’t affect access to the areas surrounding the terminal for dock workers and to mitigate congestion that may affect public transportation and emergency services.

Additionally, the existing structure of the bridge leading to the Southern quay will also be replaced due to extensive damages it sustained caused by natural elements.

“The objective is to expedite the arrival of travellers heading to Gozo at the terminal,” explained the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works Chris Bonnett.

In total, the project will cost €7 million for a span of two kilometres and a half. Minister Bonnett stated that “the project will decrease the congestion of traffic whilst increasing organisation in the area. As a result, traveling will be facilitated.”

He added that this will follow the “successful completion” of roadworks in the road leading to Għadira Bay, a few minutes away from the recently announced project.

“It’s the first one out of a series of initiatives that are expected to take place in the coming months to decrease the congestion of traffic in the main areas of the country,” he announced.

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