Bank of Valletta (BOV) reported “technical issues” with a number of services on Thursday morning.

Malta’s most popular back said it is experiencing issues with ATM deposits and mobile-to-mobile payments, while any third-party payments effected via internet or mobile banking are being recorded but will be processed “at a later stage”.

“Whilst apologising for any inconvenience, we are doing our utmost to resolve such matters in the shortest possible time,” the bank told customers, adding that it will “immediately” update the public once issues are resolved.

The news has been met with derision, as the bank has been dogged with ongoing complaints stemming from technical issues.

Just last month, on 30th May 2022, the bank had notified customers that its BOV internet and mobile banking services were down due to technical issues. This prompted a raft of complaints by customers receiving their salaries as well as those who have an automatic loan or monthly bill payment set up.


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