Borza Malta Stock Exchange

Assessing the strength of bond issuers

July 18, 2024
by BN Writer

Edward Rizzo says that companies with lower net debt to EBITDA ratios should focus on debt-reduction activities

Greenwashing: What is it, what is being done and how to avoid it

May 20, 2024
by BN Writer

Apart from the obvious wrongdoing of misleading customers, greenwashing damages the prospects of genuine companies

Malta and the single market: Extending influence beyond EU borders

May 19, 2024
by BN Writer

Malta's constitutional neutrality is a cornerstone of its foreign policy and enhances its ability to act as an intermediary in ...

Analysis: The Annual General Meeting season

May 16, 2024
by BN Writer

Shareholders play several crucial roles during an AGM that are fundamental to the governance and oversight of a company

Analysis: The functions of a capital market

May 9, 2024
by BN Writer

Capital markets are essential for supporting innovation and long-term economic growth

Pioneering the 5th freedom: Enhancing research, innovation, and education in the single market and Malta’s role

May 5, 2024
by BN Writer

Malta stands to gain significantly from the establishment of the 5th Freedom

Beyond numbers: Understanding the significance of pricing multiples for informed investing

May 2, 2024
by BN Writer

Market participants may calculate financial metrics to take investment decisions following the end of the reporting season

Reinventing the single market: Strategic vision and bold reforms for Malta and Europe

April 25, 2024
by BN Writer

Proposed reforms present significant opportunities and formidable challenges for our small island nation

The equity market in pre-COVID times

April 25, 2024
by BN Writer

Investor sentiment has evidently failed to recover from the series of shocks since the start of 2020

Interest rate divergence ahead?

April 18, 2024
by BN Writer

Inflation is falling faster than forecast in Europe, while exceeding expectations in the US

‘Made in China’ shock 2.0

April 14, 2024
by BN Writer

To rebrand the local economy, China is now investing heavily in what president Xi Jinping calls the 'three new industries'

Sharp upturn across equity markets in Q1

April 11, 2024
by BN Writer

The stock market's repeated strong recoveries highlights the importance for investors to have a long-term time frame

Pre-1995 rent laws: State of play

April 8, 2024
by BN Writer

The controls were initially introduced in response to a severe shortage of housing, but have since been challenged in court

BOV’s dividend payout ratio at 26% for FY2023

April 4, 2024
by BN Writer

The bank’s €251.6 million profits are well-and-truly reflective of a bumper year

Bridging the Gap: Innovative financing solutions for SME energy efficiency

April 3, 2024
by BN Writer

SMEs require special focus to aid them in the green transition, including through the use of innovative financing mechanisms

Malta Treasury Bill issuance declines to under €500 million

March 28, 2024
by BN Writer

The amount of deposits within the banking system remains exceptionally high, leading to record levels of profits for the banks