Higher for longer

September 28, 2023
by BN Writer

In the current high interest rate environment, investors have many opportunities to deploy excess liquidity into positively yielding financial instruments

Double-digit returns from PG plc since IPO

July 13, 2023
by BN Writer

A strong financial performance enabled the company to increase dividend distribution as well as to repay bank borrowings

Impact of monetary policy decisions

July 6, 2023
by BN Writer

Yields on longer-term bonds in the EU have not increased the same way TBills have following ECB interest rate hikes

Almost three-fourths of Maltese households said their income was not impacted significantly by COVID

July 4, 2023
by BN Writer

Despite COVID, the Maltese labour market remained resilient and household income was largely safeguarded

25th anniversary of GO’s IPO

June 29, 2023
by BN Writer

Government held its majority stake in the company until 2006 when it sold its 60% shareholding to Emirates International Telecommunications

Malta Government debt dynamics

June 22, 2023
by BN Writer

Measures to address rising debt need to be taken in the interest of the entire Maltese population

Fighting inflation – where it comes from and why tighter monetary policy matters

June 17, 2023
by BN Writer

Apart from rising costs, inflation could be also driven by other factors, such as profit mark-up adjustments

It’s a bull market

June 15, 2023
by BN Writer

This latest bull market is considered to have begun on 13th October 2022

Fighting inflation – The objective and effectiveness of monetary policy

June 14, 2023
by BN Writer

Addressing inflation driven by supply shocks can be more painful

Positive momentum across international equities

June 8, 2023
by BN Writer

Most international equity markets have been performing surprisingly well despite an uncertain macro-economic environment

Italy´s struggle to recover using RRP funds

June 2, 2023
by BN Writer

The Italian bureaucratic machinery can be seen as one of the main reasons for the delays

Farsons invests over €112 million during past decade

June 1, 2023
by BN Writer

'Farsons Group is embarking on a major investment in a dedicated food distribution centre in Handaq'

Retail sector in focus

May 25, 2023
by BN Writer

Strong consumer demand and recovery in the tourism sector augurs well for local retail and shopping mall operators

Breaking down barriers: Fostering a work culture that is welcoming of foreign nationals

May 23, 2023
by BN Writer

By understanding the unique challenges that foreign nationals face, businesses in Malta can help integrate them into the workforce

The end of the COVID-19 emergency phase

May 18, 2023
by BN Writer

BOV and HSBC share prices have recovered in full, but most equities are still well-below their pre-COVID-19 level

Banking matters

May 11, 2023
by BN Writer

'The banking sector is clearly based on trust'