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Higher for longer

September 28, 2023
by BN Writer

In the current high interest rate environment, investors have many opportunities to deploy excess liquidity into positively yielding financial instruments

The earnings season

May 4, 2023
by BN Writer

Among the companies that published their annual financial statements last week, Lombard Bank announced a record 2022 financial performance

Euro Stoxx 50 index at a multi-year high

April 27, 2023
by BN Writer

Historical performances clearly show that those who stay invested over the long run will generally do better

GO Group’s revenue exceeds €200 million

April 20, 2023
by BN Writer

GO has been one of the most consistent dividend-payers over recent years and maintained a distribution to shareholders also in ...

Charting the course for financial services

April 14, 2023
by BN Writer

Malta has built a strong financial services industry over the past 30 years, but it clearly cannot rest on its ...

Opportunity cost of holding excess liquidity

April 13, 2023
by BN Writer

Average yield of the three-month Treasury Bill has jumped towards the 3% level in recent weeks

BOV’s net asset value per share exceeds €1.98

April 6, 2023
by BN Writer

The bank ended the year in the black despite reporting a loss for the first nine months of 2022

Intense volatility across bond market

March 30, 2023
by BN Writer

Sovereign bonds across most developed economies performed well in view of extremely weak sentiment arising from the banking crisis

Banking woes dominate the headlines

March 23, 2023
by BN Writer

'European banking sector is fundamentally very strong with much healthier balance sheets compared to the time of the 2008/9'

Increased activity across equity market

March 16, 2023
by BN Writer

BOV and MIA were the two most actively traded equities in the first 10 weeks of 2023

HSBC showing initial benefits of rate hikes

March 9, 2023
by BN Writer

Net interest income was more than 30% higher during the second half of 2022 than the first half

The future of energy: Green Hydrogen

March 4, 2023
by BN Writer

Hydrogen has sparked the interest of industry and policymakers as a critical element in attaining a zero carbon economy

MIA to resume dividend distributions

March 2, 2023
by BN Writer

MIA last distributed a dividend to shareholders in September 2019

Catalysts for change in investor sentiment

February 23, 2023
by BN Writer

Increased efforts need to be made to enhance the credibility and attractiveness of the local capital market

Developing improved means for shareholder communication

February 16, 2023
by BN Writer

In 2022, trading activity in the MSE was at its lowest level in 13 years

UK’s FTSE 100 at new record level

February 9, 2023
by BN Writer

Despite a looming recession, the UK's main benchmark index hit an all-time high