Borza Malta Stock Exchange

Assessing the strength of bond issuers

July 18, 2024
by BN Writer

Edward Rizzo says that companies with lower net debt to EBITDA ratios should focus on debt-reduction activities

Money moves from tense areas

October 27, 2023
by BN Writer

Companies are looking much more carefully when it comes to investment, and most discussions of development and expansion are inevitably ...

Boom in passenger volumes at Malta International Airport

October 26, 2023
by BN Writer

Despite the resultant positive impact on the company’s financial performance the share price has failed to respond accordingly

Yields pop in latest MGS auction

October 19, 2023
by BN Writer

Local credit institutions were the dominant buyers in last week's MGS' auction

Communication with the general public: Central Banks aren’t just about money – they’re also about knowledge

October 18, 2023
by BN Writer

As trust becomes the cornerstone of effective monetary policy, central banks have had to embrace less traditional communication styles

2023 Investment Insights: Surprises and challenges

October 14, 2023
by BN Writer

From unexpected bull markets and AI’s meteoric rise to a roller-coaster yield curve and monetary tightrope

Market jitters at the start of Q4

October 12, 2023
by BN Writer

The intense moves across the bond markets over recent weeks may have surprised many analysts

US Dollar regains its strength

October 5, 2023
by BN Writer

A strong dollar negatively impacts US companies that operate internationally such as the large tech companies

Higher for longer

September 28, 2023
by BN Writer

In the current high interest rate environment, investors have many opportunities to deploy excess liquidity into positively yielding financial instruments

BMIT’s transformation into an ‘InfraCo’

September 22, 2023
by BN Writer

In a major investment, BMIT will be acquiring a network of cellular towers from GO plc across Malta

Weak retail demand for Malta Government Stocks

September 14, 2023
by BN Writer

Institutional investors are clearly demanding higher yields

A tale of two halves

September 8, 2023
by BN Writer

Markets staged a comeback towards the latter half of the month

The interim reporting season is over

September 7, 2023
by BN Writer

With the next reporting season taking place in April 2024, local companies should adopt a more frequent communication strategy

Malta’s healthcare expertise: A valuable export for Europe’s ageing population

September 5, 2023
by BN Writer

The European market offers an opportune platform for Malta to export its healthcare prowess and innovative geriatric care practices

The nexus of sticky inflation, wages, and profits – when will inflation return to normal?

September 2, 2023
by BN Writer

Sticky inflation is defined as the speed with which inflation returns to its long-term average, following a shock

PG’s strategy pays off

August 31, 2023
by BN Writer

The Group retained low and competitive prices for core products to increase footfall at its two supermarkets