Health & safety workplace fines top a quarter million in 2021 but stakeholders demand more action

October 26, 2021
by Robert Fenech

The Occupational Health and Safety Authority has carried out 3,724 inspections this year

MDIA: A pillar of Malta’s digitalisation programme

October 24, 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority has undertaken many firsts, including being the first authority to certify tech

‘Post-COVID, your business will only hit the ground running by investing in latest tech to reach customers’

October 21, 2021
by Jo Caruana CEO Dana Farrugia stresses the importance of establishing a strong digital presence in the current environment

MDIA Chairman on measures to promote innovative solutions as Malta embraces digitalisation

October 20, 2021
by Jo Caruana

These include the set-up of an award for innovative technologies in response to COVID-19

Popular move to introduce ‘no new taxes’ forces Government into ‘using half its tools’

October 19, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Economist Marie Briguglio reflects on Malta's Budget 2022

‘We need to act fast to be at the forefront of the new economic wave post-COVID’

October 18, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Economist Stephanie Fabri discusses Malta's Budget 2022, and the country's way forward

One day after Budget 2022, ‘a lot of businesspeople’ visited the taxman to draw up payment agreements

October 15, 2021
by Helena Grech

‘People have to pay what they owe’, Finance and Employment Minister Clyde Caruana tells

CEO & executive hiring rebounds after early-pandemic slump

October 14, 2021
by Solomon Cefai reaches out to three experts for their insights on senior-level hiring during the pandemic

‘Ambitious yet achievable’: Economist JP Fabri says Budget 2022 focus needs to turn to implementation

October 13, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The leading economist provides in depth commentary following the release of the Government's Budget 2022 on Monday

Charting the growth of renewable energy in Malta

October 9, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Electrical engineer and Managing Director of leading renewable energy provider Econetique discusses the products' rise

‘The tone at the top needs to be clear & unblemished,’ says IFSP President on future of financial services in Malta

October 8, 2021
by Helena Grech

Mr Zarb sits down with to discuss the state of Malta’s financial services in the wake of greylisting

Meet Adriana Zarb Adami, Bupa Malta’s branch manager & LifeStar Health managing director

October 3, 2021
by BN Writer

Don’t leave it too late to get your health insurance, says Ms Zarb Adami

Restrictions on bank dividends lifted as from 1st October

September 30, 2021
by Robert Fenech

The move signifies the slow return of normality to the economy

‘The companies we represent are at the forefront of innovation and ergonomic solutions’

September 29, 2021
by BN Writer

A one-stop-shop for all your cleaning & hygiene needs: 25 years of Jmp

Why didn’t European stocks perform as well as American ones during the pandemic?

September 26, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna explains