Targeted advertising in Malta: Challenges and opportunities

May 23, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Two leading marketing minds explain the unique challenges of advertising in one of the world's smallest countries

‘Good management could make a two-year project take one’ – Jesmond Chetcuti on the MCCM

May 9, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The Malta Chamber of Construction Management aims to improve the quality of construction project management in Malta

How might tourism stimulus measures support Malta’s entire economy?

May 8, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Dr Ian P Cassar explains how important tourism is to Malta's economy

Health minister withdraws masks on beaches rule

May 6, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Masks must still be worn everywhere, but rule is not enforceable on beaches

Corporate alternatives to traditional banks: a niche player well-positioned to offer financial freedom

May 1, 2021
by Helena Grech

Insignia Cards Ltd has invested heavily in risk-management, allowing it to offer greater flexibility

‘Who’s coming for lunch during the week? Will we have business lunches at our pizzeria?’

April 26, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Restaurants welcome limited reopening but express concerns that majority of opening times will be during office hours

‘Non-profit? That’s the definition of bankruptcy’

April 23, 2021
by Robert Fenech

CEBI's Russell Smith and Joseph Bartolo are on a mission to change the way we look at entrepreneurship

Aiming to reach herd immunity by end-June: Malta’s biggest names in business weigh in

April 17, 2021
by Helena Grech

Pushed ahead by three months, Health Minister Chris Fearne says the new projection is end-June

How are employment trends in Malta changing in the COVID era?

April 9, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Lara Camilleri tells how the pandemic has affected employment practices and recruitment

From lab to market: MCST to launch revamped R&I FUSION fund

April 8, 2021
by Robert Fenech

The Malta Council for Science and Technology has invested millions to support research with commercial potential

‘When PM Robert Abela asked me to join his Cabinet, he laid out his vision for a greener Malta’

April 2, 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Energy, Enterprise and Sustainability Minister Miriam Dalli on her vision for post-COVID Malta

‘COVID wallets not passports’ – Aviation expert discusses COVID travel demands

March 31, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

A COVID 'wallet' could provide the security and versatility to avert economic catastrophe, says Charles Pace

More pharmaceutical professionals required for industry to keep growing, says Malta Medicines Authority chief

March 26, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott explains how the growth of the industry is creating challenges in human resources

New Zealand approves paid bereavement leave after miscarriage

March 25, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Parents will get three days paid leave in the event of the unfortunate loss

Events lobby President backs calls for home-grown quota on Malta’s radio stations

March 23, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Howard Keith Debono says quota is 'long overdue'