‘We will see financial institutions like ours open a new world of possibilities’ – Papaya’s Olegs Cernisevs

July 21, 2023
by Edward Bonello

The Chief Tech Officer explains how the dawn of industry 4.0 is set to change everything as we know it

Harnessing the potential of communication and digital services

July 20, 2023
by Julian Micallef Tagliaferro

The Malta Communications Authority is tasked with ensuring Malta remains at the forefront of the digital revolution

Financing the green economic shift

July 19, 2023
by Robert Fenech

BOV Biz Dev Executive Kenneth B. Micallef speaks on the bank’s interest-free facility for businesses looking to green their operations

‘Companies are not looking for another payment gateway, but for experienced partners who bring more to the table’

July 18, 2023
by Edward Bonello

Natalia Kolesnikova, Head of PR & Partnership, on how Blackcatcard can change the due diligence game for online-based businesses

‘It’s time for family businesses to invest in people, to grow their networks and expand their business’

July 17, 2023
by Rebecca Anastasi

Ensuring the continuity of family businesses

Brewing success for a century: The story behind Farsons

July 15, 2023
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

It is one of the few to transcend the label of a mere local company to become an integral part ...

The values behind a culture of good governance

July 10, 2023
by BN Writer

AX Group CEO Michael Warrington on good governance while steering one of Malta's most prominent family-owned businesses

From underdog to industry leader: the global rise of Pet Nutrition House

July 9, 2023
by BN Writer

Pet Nutrition House has proven that size and location are no match for ambition, expertise, and a commitment to excellence

Island in a storm: Can Malta’s economy continue to withstand global challenges?

July 1, 2023
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Central Bank Governor Edward Scicluna discusses the performance of Malta’s economy, inflation and rising interest rates

Insignia Cards talks compliance, new avenues for growth and becoming Malta’s luxury lifestyle expert

June 26, 2023
by Edward Bonello

The firm recently made headlines after a Constitutional Court ruled it had its rights breached by an FIAU fine

Epic Director of Care outlines five best practices for unlocking exceptional customer care

June 11, 2023
by BN Writer

Alessandra Verri talks approach, data, team building and clear communication

A journey of discovery: ‘I am an introvert, but through art I found the medium to express myself’

May 6, 2023
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Business Now magazine delves into the artistic world of Wallace Falzon, and how each piece is a form of internal ...

Malta’s iGaming sector and continued banking challenges: An interview with Bojoko CEO Joonas Karhu

April 16, 2023
by BN Writer

‘The banking challenges faced by the iGaming sector have had a considerable impact on the industry’

Building a sustainable future on a 90-year legacy: Carmelo Abela Marketing

March 19, 2023
by Martina Bartolo Parnis

The family business’ story was showcased in the ‘Industry Greats’ section of Business Now winter 2022/2023 magazine

A home for Malta’s heritage hops

March 5, 2023
by Rebecca Anastasi

The Cisk Tap sits at the rooftop of The Brewhouse, home of the former Simonds Farsons Cisk Brewery