Malta Tax & Customs Administration is now accepting digital documents signed with electronic signatures

August 23, 2023
by Robert Fenech

Tax authorities’ acceptance of digital signatures is set to ‘make life easier’ for corporate service providers and tax practitioners

Market round-up: July edition

August 11, 2023
by BN Writer

Portfolio manager Josef Luke Azzopardi provides a robust round up for July as well as the first half of 2023

‘Underlying inflation likely peaked,’ says European Central Bank

August 4, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Most underlying inflation indicators tracked by the ECB show signs of easing

What does a wage-price spiral look like in Malta?

August 2, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

'If prices increase due to cost-push factors, one cannot say that productivity has increased accordingly'

Malta becomes 31st country to adhere to highest IMF standards on data transparency

August 1, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Only 5% of IMF members don't adhere to any data standards set out by the institution

Malta Government deficit shrinks while debt rises to €9.17 billion in first half of 2023

July 28, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Government debt increase by 8.99% during the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year

European Central Bank hikes interest rates up a notch further

July 27, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Euro area inflation is expected to remain above the 2% target by the end of 2023

Malta’s first green bond will finance investment in water network, installation of solar panels

July 24, 2023
by Robert Fenech

The Water Services Corporation's investment will more than double its capacity to generate energy from renewable sources

‘A sea-change’: understanding the advantages of neobanking for business

July 14, 2023
by BN Writer

Olegs Cernisevs, CTO of Blackcatcard, explains how ‘the small things’ can make a big difference

MFSA warns against crypto firm falsely claiming to be locally licensed

July 7, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The unlicensed exchange made unauthorised use and reference to company details of a Maltese-licensed company

Late payments now subject to 12% interest

July 6, 2023
by Robert Fenech

The legal interest rate for late commercial payments increased on 1st July

NAO pushes adoption of accrual accounting in Government ‘to obtain a true picture of its finances’

July 5, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The adoption of accrual-based accounting for public service has been the subject of discussion for decades

Despite surge in income tax revenue, Malta Government finances remain in the red

June 30, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The Government Consolidated Fund reported a deficit of €103.5 million

Economic certainty in Malta up while sentiment drops across all sectors

June 28, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Both retail and industry sector sentiment turned negative

New ITS campus and Bugibba ferry dock lose EU funding amid revision of Malta’s RRF plan

June 27, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The European Commission endorses Malta's €328 million modified recovery and resilience plan, up from €316 million