Silicon Valley Bank sold to First Citizens Bank at a massive discount

March 27, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The collapse of SVB was the second-largest banking failure in US history

EU Commission adopts ‘right to repair’ proposal

March 24, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The proposal would grant consumers rights beyond the legal warranty

$1.3 million worth of nickel owned by JPMorgan Chase was just bags of rocks

March 21, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The nickel was bought by the bank from the London Metals Exchange

UBS to buy ailing Credit Suisse in emergency rescue deal

March 20, 2023
by Robert Fenech

The move was welcomed by banking regulators around the world

Protests erupt as French President forces retirement age hike without a vote

March 17, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The pension reform increases the age of retirement from 62 to 64

Credit Suisse crisis causes panic among major European banks

March 16, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The bank's share price experienced two consecutive all-time lows within a couple of days

Wizz Air Malta plane collides with parked plane while moving to runway, no injuries reported

March 15, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The plane was transferred to Wizz Air Malta in February 2023

An EU-wide ban on combustion engines by 2035? Germany is saying no

March 14, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Last-minute backtracking from the deal risks causing long-term disharmony between EU member states

Silicon Valley Bank is no more, HSBC buys UK branch for £1

March 13, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The bank collapsed shortly after its stock dropped by 60% in a single day

Climate change found to be increasing the risk of turbulence

March 7, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The degree to which wind speed varies at different altitudes has increased by 15% since 1979 in certain areas

Key Apple supplier Foxconn sees revenues slump as demand slows

March 6, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

While revenues in February 2023 were lower than 2022, they were still the second-highest for the month on record

Revolut auditors raise questions on £477 million of revenue

March 3, 2023
by Robert Fenech

Audit firm BDO said that some information may be ‘materially misstated’

Electric vehicle maker Tesla to cut production costs by half, says chief engineer

March 2, 2023
by Robert Fenech

However, CEO Elon Musk declined to reveal by when eager buyers could expect to see an affordable electric vehicle

Cybersecurity: EU institutions join growing list of Governments banning staff from using TikTok

March 1, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

EU Parliament joins European Commission and Council of the EU in banning TikTok

Malta removes COVID-19 restrictions for travellers originating from China

February 27, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Travellers were required to be in possession of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken 48 hours before arrival