Malta removes COVID-19 restrictions for travellers originating from China

February 27, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Travellers were required to be in possession of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken 48 hours before arrival

Meta to copy Twitter with paid verification for Facebook and Instagram

February 20, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Users will be able to access Meta Verified for $11.99 (€11.20) a month

Siemens issues €60 million digital bond on the blockchain

February 16, 2023
by Robert Fenech

The firm touted the benefits of the move, including the speed and efficiency of transactions

IRIS², the EU’s answer to Elon Musk’s Starlink

February 15, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Internet dead zones within the EU to become a relic of the past

EU implements price cap on Russian petroleum products and bans seaborne oil imports

February 6, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The EU is also working on its 10th sanction package against Russia

IMF expects all advanced economies to grow in 2023, except the UK

January 31, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Russia's economy expected to outperform UK's

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s resignation announcement sends shockwaves around world

January 19, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The Prime Minster faced a number of fierce challenges during her five-and-a-half year tenure

Tesla slashes slashes prices by up to 20% as competition picks up

January 16, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Customers who bought their Telsa vehicle right before the price cut are demanding compensation

Rated as the world’s best restaurant, Noma is shutting down

January 10, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The chef-owner will focus on Noma Projects, a lab which will develop products for its e-commerce website

AI lawyer to help a defendant in court in a worldwide historic first

January 9, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

The AI lawyer will help the defendant get out of a speeding ticket

Samsung profits sink 69% in last 2022 quarter as global economy crawls

January 6, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

Tech companies around the world are feeling the brunt of changing consumer habits

90s movie Office Space inspired engineer to steal over $300,000, according to US police

January 5, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

In the end, things were not great for the thief

EU calls crisis meeting to tackle China’s COVID threat; Malta unlikely to call for action

January 3, 2023
by Robert Fenech

The East Asian country's surge in cases has raised concerns - and border restrictions

Big Tech Wipeout – trillions of dollars go ‘pop’ in massive 2022 downgrade to major tech companies’ valuations

January 3, 2023
by Robert Fenech

Apple and Microsoft were relative 'winners', despite losing almost 30% of their total value

IMF warns that a third of the world will be in recession during 2023

January 3, 2023
by Arnas Lasys

While Malta's expected to scrape through, it won't avoid the global effects