Netflix to crack down on password sharing in 2023 – report

December 23, 2022
by Robert Fenech

The streaming giant is expected to roll out the measures to reverse decrease in subscriptions

Man in France wins the right to not be ‘fun’ and ‘promiscuous’ at work

November 29, 2022
by Arnas Lasys

The man was fired in 2015 for refusing to participate in after-work drinks and team-building activities

Toyota Malta launches 10-year warranty car care service

November 8, 2022
by BN Writer

All Toyota models qualify as long the age and mileage criteria are met, including passenger cars, light commercial vans and ...

€45 million wooden sailing ship to dock in Malta as it retraces historic voyage to China

September 6, 2022
by Robert Fenech

The 18th century replica took 10 years to build

You’ve heard of quiet quitting, but have you heard of quiet managing?

September 1, 2022
by Helena Grech

‘Quiet managers operate with a high level of trust in their employees, and don’t micromanage’

‘Malta’s first city SUV’: Toyota Malta launches Aygo X

August 31, 2022
by BN Writer

It is touted as having better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions than the previous Aygo

What does it take to cultivate, harvest and produce Bidni extra virgin olive oil?

August 30, 2022
by BN Writer

Through a series of events, participants take a journey behind the scenes of the production of a uniquely Maltese olive ...

Re-imagining local culinary traditions: Bahia’s Bragjolu

August 20, 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The final part of a mini-series on modern takes behind local traditional dishes highlights a contribution by one of Malta’s ...

Malta’s most beautiful businesses: SAW Factory, a space where design and industry meet

August 17, 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Architect Chris Briffa reveals what went into the unique design

The Money Guru: This is the first thing everyone should invest in

August 17, 2022
by Robert Fenech

‘Go to bed a little smarter each day’ should be more than a cliche

The Money Guru: Paul Graham on founders’ distractions

August 16, 2022
by Robert Fenech

The respected venture capitalist shared an intuitive way to find what you are really thinking about

The Money Guru: Warren Buffett on timing the market

August 12, 2022
by Robert Fenech

The multi-billionaire advocates a buy-and-hold approach to investing

Disney+ overtakes Netflix as world’s largest streaming platform

August 12, 2022
by Robert Fenech

This marks the first time any competitor has more subscribers than Netflix

Re-imagining local culinary traditions: The Fork & Cork’s Pastizz

August 12, 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The third part of a mini-series on modern takes behind traditional dishes

The Money Guru: Why aren’t you reading more books?

August 11, 2022
by Robert Fenech

Reading more than average is a great indicator that you will be more successful than average