Last week, Central Bank of Malta (CBM) Governor, Edward Scicluna, welcomed a five-person International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation headed by Kotaro Ishi.

The meeting was held as part of the IMF delegation’s week-long program in relation to Article IV preparatory mission meetings for Malta. Article IV is an annual assessment undertaken by the IMF on member countries’ economic performance, where staff visit said member country, collect economic and financial information, and discuss with officials the country’s economic developments and policies.

This week-long IMF visit is organised by the CBM Governor’s Office during which the IMF delegation meets with a number of the financial regulators, government ministries, public entities and respective social partners. During the preparatory mission meeting visit at the CBM, the bank was represented by the Governor, Deputy Governors, Chief Officers and other officials. 

The IMF Article IV Mission will hold their official annual evaluation visit in Malta towards the end of this year.


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