A CEO of a US-based tech company is spending thousands of dollars on ChatGPT Plus subscriptions for all of his employees to boost productivity and is already seeing results.

He is reportedly spending $2,400 (€2,174.9) a month to fund the accounts of 120 employees.

In March of this year, the CEO of Genies, Akash Nigam, started encouraging every team in the company, from research to accounting, to learn to use the AI chatbot in order to have monotonous tasks automated.

Within a month he said he has already seen many tasks get accelerated.

Speaking to BusinessInsider, he explained that he found it most helpful in creating a technical roadmap, or an outline that lays out the company’s strategy around the release of a new product. Instead of brainstorming for hours with his team, he fed ChatGPT the information needed in the plan and had it organised in a chart, and delegated tasks to the right teams.

While most of the employees are making use of the tool, there’s a segment of which is resistant to adopting it.

To bridge the gap, the company is holding workshops between the tool’s power users and those who are still green.

Mr Nigam said he plans on making use of the tool as part of his employees’ performance reviews in the near future. Therefore, employees that are making use of AI more effectively will more likely be up for promotion and a raise.

Lastly, Mr Nigam believes that the tool may be able to help the company reduce costs, as it will need to hire fewer people.

Considering that Malta’s labour market is stretched thin, it’s likely that we’ll witness a growing number of companies integrating generative tools into their workflow. There’s also no shortage of options with a growing number of tech companies developing their own tools, however, as of now, it seems that ChatGPT is leagues ahead of the rest.


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