The company behind the anticipated luxury hotel in Comino, has submitted revised plans for its redevelopment project to the Planning Authority in order to reduce the footprint of the proposed bungalow site in response to the public’s feedback.

HV Hospitality plans to transform both the Comino hotel at San Niklaw Bay and the bungalows at Santa Marija Bay into a sustainable five-star wellness retreat, to be managed by the globally-acclaimed Six Senses brand.

The original plans proposed a 7,154 sqm reduction of the hotel site at San Niklaw Bay, counterbalanced by an additional 2,032 sqm of the bungalow site at Santa Marija Bay. This led to an overall reduction of 5,122 sqm.

Original plans
Comino_Bungalows_Revised proposal
Revised plans

The newly updated plans now propose a reduction of the footprint at the bungalow site too, bringing the total reduced footprint to 8,244 sqm —equivalent to the area of around 32 tennis courts.

The buildings at the bungalow site will be receded from the foreshore and will be lower in height.

Plans also included the removal of invasive and alien species and the planting of more than 55,000 endemic trees, shrubs and plants.

The company said it will not seek compensation for these adjustments with additional land on the site.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Following our public exhibition, we carefully considered the concerns raised by stakeholders. Our mission has always been to find a balanced solution for this unique site—one that is mindful of environmental sustainability and respects the natural beauty of the area. The amendments we have submitted this week successfully strike the balance between the public’s concerns, the site requirements, and the touristic needs set out by the concession and local plans.”

The company sought to demonstrate its commitment to preserving Comino, a Natura 2000 site. It also said that it is working toward obtaining the highest LEED certification for the project, a globally recognised symbol of sustainability achievement.


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