Whatever the reason for your interest in Malta may be, you will find a well-developed system of multi-level assistance designed to make your investment journey an easy and profitable one.

There are several government agencies dedicated to streamlining the bureaucratic process, while the country’s small size means that many authorities are just a phone call away. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged, where you can present your plans and goals to people whose job it is to help you reach them.

Public agencies will lay the groundwork for your investment, but it is private partners that can help you maximise the potential for gains offered by Malta’s legal, corporate, and tax frameworks. The country’s professional advisory service providers are highly skilled, vastly experienced, and are plugged into local, European, and global developments, ensuring that your investment is compliant with present realities, with future-proof elements built in. They are also known for their tenacity on behalf of their clients – you can expect excellent service, and should settle for nothing less.

Establishing a presence in Malta is relatively straightforward, inexpensive, and quick, as long as the extensive documentation required is at hand, including information on key personnel, directors, and ultimate beneficiaries. Anyone investing in Malta must be prepared to submit adequate evidence that their sources of wealth and business dealings are legitimate.

While this certainly gives rise to the occasional grumble, the reinforcement of the country’s anti-money laundering regime is overwhelmingly seen as a boon by both investors and companies.

Whether you come for the unrivalled socio-economic stability, the incentives offered for certain enterprises, the search for a European base, or any other of the myriad reasons investors choose Malta, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the warmth and generosity the islands are known for.

Where to Start

For most prospective investors in Malta, the ideal first port of call is Malta Enterprise, specifically its Business1st portal, a point of single contact which serves as the gateway to government business information and services.

Here, they will find practical information on setting up and managing a business in the country, including details on the necessary registrations, both generic and industry-specific. An investor can therefore not only register a company, apply for a tax number, and indicate whether it will be employing people, but also obtain the requisite permits to operate in regulated sectors, such as tourism or catering – all in one place.

The Business1st team facilitates investors’ introduction to the local business landscape, unlocking invaluable networking opportunities by identifying and initiating contact with the relevant stakeholders. It also provides guidance on incentives offered by Malta Enterprise and other entities.

Building a strong relationship with Malta Enterprise is highly recommended. As the country’s economic development agency, it provides wide-ranging assistance purposely designed to maximise the competitive edge of its client companies.

Its services include pre-investment fact finding to acquaint potential investors with the realities of operating out of Malta, allocation of industrial space, access to finance, investment credits, and bespoke schemes to assist in a company’s export activities, research and development, and more.

Depending on the type of investment, Malta Enterprise’s contribution may be anything from minimal to decisive, but in any case, keeping an open channel of communication with the agency is undoubtedly beneficial due to the key role it plays in the country’s economic development and the many schemes and incentives it offers to investors of all kinds.

To extract the utmost value from these services, companies and individuals looking to commence operations in Malta should start a dialogue with the entity at the earliest stage possible, and be frank about the goals of their investment, as well as their needs. The team has extensive experience in lending an ear and extending a hand – use it!

This feature was first carried in the Malta Invest 2023 edition. Malta Invest is the first-ever comprehensive international investment guide focusing on Malta as a destination. It is produced by Content House Group.

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