Chris Fearne


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Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne, together with Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci, are to address a press conference at 11am on Thursday (today).

An announcement is expected on the resumption of standing events, due to resume after 15th August. Back in early July, when Mr Fearne made the announcement for mid-August, he included a caveat that “should numbers permit”.

Shortly after the announcement, cases in Malta began to climb leading to the introduction of fresh restrictions on unvaccinated travellers visiting the island from mid-July.

The number of cases has recently plateaued, and the country went from 79 active cases on 5th July, 2,497 active cases on 23rd July to 1,333 active cases as of yesterday.

Despite the most recent restrictions on unvaccinated travellers appearing to yield results, members of the events industry community, such as promoters, DJs and event organisers, have shared with that the health authorities will not be allowing standing events in mid-August as scheduled, starting with a cap on 100 persons.

While the reports remain unconfirmed, many in the industry are expecting today’s announcement to reflect the change in the Government’s stance.

Events were to resume in limited numbers for vaccinated persons only.

The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) have complained that organisers and artists are unable to plan for events or confirm gigs without the authorities’ guidance on what the resumption of standing events will look like.

The association pointed out that the Malta Tourism Authority cannot authorise risk assessments, VAT event ticket permits cannot be issued, and producers cannot commit to their event or confirm performers, “let alone market it”.


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