electric vehicle parking charging

Transport Malta has launched eight additional grants to encourage the use of cleaner and more sustainable road mobility solutions, following the re-launch of the electric vehicle grant on 21st March.

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital projects, Aaron Farrugia, explained that a total of €26 million in grants is being made available to the public, facilitated by the use of EU funds that are part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP).

“The objective of this investment is to instigate a wider shift towards more efficient mobility and to reduce emissions from the road transport sector in Malta by promoting the uptake of alternative forms of transport, smaller vehicles, and electric vehicles in the private sector and the commercial sector. These grants are a demonstration of a commitment to continue making a difference to achieve our main goal of working diligently on alternative transport,” Dr Farrugia said.

The incentives are largely unchanged from what they were in 2022.

In total the list of grants is made available for;

  • New electric vehicles.
  • Plugin hybrid vehicles.
  • Vehicles that use LPG as a fuel.
  • Category L petrol vehicles.
  • New wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • Retrofitting of approved photovoltaic panels on passenger transport vehicles.
  • Retrofitting of DPFs and SCR systems on heavy duty vehicles.
  • Retrofitting of battery electric powertrains on motor vehicles.
  • Used electric vehicles and conversion of bicycles to pedelecs.

Considering the breakdown of the budget, it is clear that electrification of mobility is a top priority, with more than half of the budget dedicated to that end.

Information on the grants can be accessed from here and will apply until 31st December 2023.



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