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The Chamber of Engineers will be joining lawyers and architects in a new service providing professional assistance to citizens who may be impacted by nearby developments.

The panel was announced earlier this month when the building and Construction Agency issued public calls for architects and lawyers to join the new Government-run service, established after the publication of the findings of the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry.

In a statement released over the weekend, the Chamber of Engineers said that it has proposed to Government to ensure that engineers form part of the panel which will be providing professional assistance to third parties affected by construction projects.

“The Chamber notes with satisfaction that such proposal is being taken on board and a call will be issued to have Inġiniera join Periti and Lawyers, and collectively ensure a holistic service to the affected public.”

The association pointed out that the construction sector “is a multi-disciplinary sector, and buildings can only be ensured as safe, habitable and reliability only through the expertise of the various professionals and the skills of contractors which are involved”

It continued: “Engineers have a pivotal role in the technical oversight of all equipment used during construction phases and are essential professionals for the design of building services. The role of engineers is becoming increasingly important with the increasing complexities and heights of buildings and ever-changing requirements during the building lifecycle. In fact, the Chamber has continuously highlighted the role of the engineer as a key professional for the sector and a likewise important stakeholder.”

Chamber of Engineers president Malcolm Zammit therefore recently wrote to Prime Minister Robert Abela to offer the technical assistance of the organisation and the expertise of its members towards the implementation of the recommendations laid out by the inquiry board.

The board highlighted 39 recommendations which the Government of Malta has committed itself to implement. An interministerial committee is tasked with the implementation of these recommendations.

“As representatives of the engineering profession, the Chamber feels compelled to come forward and assist authorities in matters where public health and safety is paramount and where engineers can be effective. The Chamber is satisfied to remark that the interministerial committee has acknowledged the Chamber’s offer and meetings will be held where we will ensure that the advice of the engineering profession leads to a safer future.”

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