roberta metsola

Local MEP and President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola will be deliver the opening address of this year’s conference of financial services.

The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners’ (IFSP) 2022 conference will take place on Thursday 7th April at The Xara Lodge in Rabat.

Titled ‘Revitalising Financial Services – Mapping a Sustainable Path for Malta’, this year the IFSP will be looking at some of the hottest issues facing practitioners at the moment, starting with an assessment of the size of the financial services sector and its crucial importance to the Maltese eEconomy.

The conference will also be tackling the many challenges the sector faces, from AML requirements, the challenges of recent tax developments such as the OECD’s pillar 2 initiative and the proposed ATAD 3, and how Malta’s reputation as a reliable international financial centre can be reinstated.

The programme includes a panel discussion on the contribution of the industry to Malta’s economy including BOV chairman and economic consultant Gordon Cordina, chairman of the Malta Institute of Accountants David Delicata, Malta Institute of Taxation vice-president Geraldine Shembri, and Mr Zarb.

The full programme can be seen here:

The conference will also be transmit via Zoom.

More details can be found here.



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