Building a winning culture is critical for a mobile carrier to thrive in the fiercely competitive telecommunications industry, and not without its challenges. In addition, mobile carriers must also navigate a rapidly evolving landscape that places a premium on customer satisfaction.  When disruptions occur, it’s no easy feat to handle the fallout.

Despite the challenges, Epic’s dedication to superior customer service remains a guiding light, as evident in the latest findings released by Malta Communications Authority (MCA). Indeed, it was found that mobile users confirmed Epic’s Care Team to be first to answer customer calls, with almost 80 per cent of incoming calls answered within two minutes.

In 2022, Epic’s Customer Care team also emerged as the provider with a better customer experience, with an MCA study revealing that the operator reacts the quickest to customer inquiries.

Here Epic’s Director of Care Alessandra Verri outlines five best practices Epic embodies:

  1.  Embracing the Customer-First Mindset

At the heart of Epic’s customer care strategy is a firm belief in the customer-first mindset. This approach doesn’t just pay lip service to the idea of customer satisfaction. It’s a deep-rooted philosophy that guides the company’s daily operations. Epic understands that its customers are not just consumers of their services, but also the key to their success, leveraging data and analytics to identify and anticipate customer pain points, ensuring their services are not just reactive, but also proactive. This commitment to understanding and serving their customers is a big part of what sets Epic apart.

  1. Building a Strong Team

Epic understands that a company is only as good as its people, investing heavily in its team, ensuring that they have the tools and training they need to excel. Regular team huddles, competitions, and coaching sessions are part of the fabric of Epic’s culture, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.  recognise the expertise of their agents who are in daily contact with customers, valuing their insights and feedback. This focus on personal growth and development has created a team that is truly the backbone of Epic.

  1. Harnessing the Power of Data

In the digital age, data is king,  a fact which Epic has capitalized on, investing in a customer relationship management system which connects customer data across different departments and touchpoints, offering a complete view of each customer. This allows the team to not only track key indicators of customer satisfaction but also to anticipate potential issues and proactively intervene. By placing a premium on data analysis, Epic ensures that their responses to customer needs are not just fast, but smart and tailored.

  1. Emphasising Clear Communication

In the complex world of telecommunications, clear and efficient communication is crucial. Epic has made this a priority at all levels of operation, from internal team communication to customer interactions. This includes establishing clear KPIs to measure performance and identify areas for improvement. The result? A streamlined, efficient operation that benefits both the company and its customers.

  1. Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Every company faces challenges, and Epic is no exception. Service disruptions, internal communication issues, and other obstacles are all part of their journey. But Epic has a knack for turning these challenges into opportunities. When things go wrong, the carrier uses a triage approach to quickly address the immediate concerns, and it doesn’t stop there. A deep dive into the data follows, allowing the Epic Care team to understand what went wrong and how they can prevent it from happening in the future. As a result, they’re constantly refining their services and improving their customer care.

Alessandra is unequivocal about customers being at the core of everything Epic does, no matter the challenges faced. This, she shares, together with Epic’s mission to offer a great network at great value to all, is at the forefront of everything, driving the Epic team. And success lies in meeting the challenges she and her team face, to honour that promise daily.

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