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The European Commission on Monday approved Malta’s National Programme for the Internal Security Fund for the 2021-2027 financial period. Collectively, the programme provides for a total budget of around €27 million and aims to provide strategic guidance to facilitate the exchange of information, improve cross border cooperation and support resilience and protection against serious and organised crime.

Actions identified in the programme will contribute towards addressing all objectives by supporting the setting up of data repository systems for information exchange, strengthening the Asset Recovery Bureau and enhancing information sharing solutions against encrypted devices, improve cross-border cooperation through the setting up of a fusion centre and strengthening capabilities related to preventing and combating crime by increasing capacity building measures against money-laundering, strengthening technologies in tracking down criminal offences, maximising the abilities of financial investigative networks and enhancing the protection of public spaces. 

Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Lands Silvio Schembri expressed his satisfaction over the approval of these funds, adding that the €27 million will be used for projects aimed at safeguarding and protecting our citizens more. “As a result of these funds we will ensure that we have the best tools possible in place to combat crime and we will continue to make our country one of the safest where security is concerned,” stated Minister Schembri.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett welcomed the adoption of the programme by the College of Commissioners and stated that Malta was now committed towards a successful implementation of the new programme. “The needs of the Programme will aim to contribute towards national security and the policy objective of the Fund which focuses on ensuring a high level of security in the Union,” said Parliamentary Secretary Bonett.


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