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As most business environments grow more fast-paced, SMEs are often concerned with how to keep up. This is particularly felt whenever SMEs evaluate their present financial system. More often than not, SMEs resort to sticking to their legacy system. This often leads to SMEs having to deal with an outdated system that is simply not built to be scalable, stunting business growth and overall flexibility.

To combat this, Microsoft’s award-winning ERP within the Dynamics 365 range, Business Central, has everything that an SME organisation may need to be able to benefit from a complete, scalable financial solution.

Business Central meets many of the requirements that an SME may have by facilitating growth through a scalable platform, made all the more affordable through its simple subscription-based model. Being available on the cloud also eliminates the majority of fees that come with hosting a financial solution on-premise, which is so often an obstacle that many SME organizations are faced with.

Automating the supply chain

Business Central’s Supply Chain Management components simplify any interactions within the supply chain while providing an end-to-end view across operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management.

Managing financials

The solution also allows businesses to accelerate financial close, chart financial performance in real-time, and improve forecast accuracy while maintaining compliance and security.

Selling smarter

Business Central allows SMEs to truly supercharge their sales processes, being allowed to manage the sales process from start to finish within Outlook and deliver exceptional service with a connected view of customers and service operations.

Scheduling projects

Project Management within SMEs also becomes easier through Business Central. Users will now be able to benefit from the ability to plan and monitor your projects with real-time metrics on resources, profitability, tasks, and progress, ensuring smooth and efficient project execution.

Protecting sensitive data and achieving GDPR compliance

GDPR has put significant pressure on SMEs to achieve compliance and safely store relevant data. Through making use of Encrypted Data Centers with Microsoft-Standard security, it has now become easier than ever for Small and Medium-sized businesses to safely store and transmit data securely across their systems while protecting them from unauthorized access.

Taking your business to the cloud

Microsoft has recently made its Dynamics 365 Business Central platform available on the cloud. This is a ground-breaking development for SME owners looking to take their next steps in digital transformation. The new SaaS capability of Business Central grants your company all the benefits of on-premise Business Central while harnessing the strength of the cloud.

The standout benefit is increased scalability brought on by the cloud-hosted data storage. Long gone are the concerns regarding how to accommodate the fast growth of your organization through on-premise data storage. Instead, your organization is now able to increase and decrease your data capacity simply by opting for more or less storage as transaction quantities fluctuate.

Exigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner, comprised of industry experts that have been implementing digital transformation projects for over 18 years. Interested in learning more about the recently available Business Central on Cloud? Our Inspired Minds would be happy to help! Get in touch with us at


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