Pausing the ITS Smart City Project would come as a “huge blow” to both the catering industry as well as the tourism sector at large, Malta’s Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) warned on Sunday evening (yesterday).

It reacted to a Times of Malta report which stated Government is freezing public projects that have not yet started and which are 100 per cent financed by the state, as massive financial pressure continues to grow due to the international energy crisis.

Malta’s Government has opted to freeze current prices and shield businesses and consumers alike from the massive spike in electricity and fuel costs. As a result of its energy policy, the public coffers are under considerable pressure.

The Times claimed that among the public projects to go on hold is the ITS Smart City campus project, and, reacting to the news, ACE said:

“The news would add further insult to injury to a sector that constantly struggles to identify and attract enough talent.

“One should keep in mind that the ITS project plays a fundamental role in the government’s goal to attract and develop more talent as well as ensure opportunities for upskilling for all those who operate in the catering industry. Moreover, the ITS project is part of the government’s educational goal set in its Budget 2022 and in its ten-year economic strategy. 

“ACE remains confident that common sense will prevail and such a fundamental project will not be shelved.”


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