Indonesia is setting its sights on attracting wealthier foreigners through the introduction of a new visa, with the hopes of boosting the country’s economy.

With a focus on its tourist capital, Bali, the Government is attempting to attract visitors for longer stays via its newly launched ‘second home’ visa, available for five or 10 years and which comes into force from 25th December 2022, an Indonesian Government press release states.

What’s the catch?

Prospective applicants will need to bring at least two billion Indonesian rupiahs (around €127,000 / $130,000) to the country and must then deposit said funds in Indonesian state-owned banks.

“The goal is to attract foreign tourists to come to Bali and diverse other destinations,” said acting Director General of Immigration Widodo Ekatjahjana at the launch of the visa on Tuesday.

The Indonesian Government said the visa aims to attract those who could “contribute positively to the Indonesian economy.”

Countries around the world, including Malta, New Zealand and Portugal, have recently introduced modern visa programmes in an attempt to capitalise on remote workers who can afford to and want to work overseas since the onset of the pandemic. Such ‘digital nomad visas’ are growing in popularity, while more countries aim to attract individuals who they feel can boost their nation’s economy.

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