The accelerating transition to a green economy signifies the arrival of new opportunities for investors and the country alike, according to Prime Minister Robert Abela, who stressed that decisions taken today must “be enjoyed by people today and by our children tomorrow.”

Addressing the Malta Developers Association’s annual general meeting, the Prime Minister said the development and construction sector plays an important role in Malta’s transition towards a more sustainable economy.

“The environmental shift can offer as many opportunities for investors as for the country,” the Prime Minister said.

“Today we are talking about energy-efficient buildings, if possible carbon neutral,” he said, urging developers to “be at the forefront of this shift and be proud of it” while pointing to two Government projects embracing these principles: Project House in Floriana and Nadur Primary School.

Dr Abela maintained that “seriousness and accountability work hand-in-hand,” mentioning the licensing reform of contractors as a change that must be accompanied by seriousness and respect for workplaces, towards workers and neighbours.

He also emphasised the role of innovation and skills, saying that investment in workers’ skills and modern technology and machinery helps achieve a transition based on quality.

“Our country today has the luxury of being able to seek quality over quantity. We need to further value those elements that make us Maltese and Gozitan by taking care of our villages,” he said, adding that decisions taken today should make “those coming after us proud of what we did.”

Outlining the Government’s approach towards the green shift, the Prime Minister said that it will facilitate the required changes by providing certainty and stability.

However, a sustainable economy should not lead to an increase in bureaucracy, he said. Rather, Government’s role is to incentivise and facilitate more projects aligned to the country’s priorities.

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Department of Information / Alan Saliba


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