Msida Creek

Infrastructure Malta on Tuesday announced the successful closure of the tender call process for the Msida Creek project, a significant infrastructure development.

The project involves the construction of a new flyover intended to replace the existing traffic light junctions and incorporate facilities for alternative modes of travel. This project has garnered substantial interest from the industry.

Earlier on Tuesday, the bidding process concluded with the submission of three competitive proposals to undertake this transformative project. Infrastructure Malta perceived the positive response as a “vote of confidence in Malta’s commitment to improve the quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability of Malta’s infrastructure”. The infrastructure also aims to provide the necessary capacity to overcome existing challenges and meet future requirements.

The adjudication process is set to commence immediately, marking the next phase in determining the most suitable partner for this major project. This meticulous evaluation process seeks to ensure that the selected bidder aligns seamlessly with Infrastructure Malta’s vision for the Msida Creek project and possesses the “expertise necessary to deliver high standard outputs”.

The agency expressed gratitude to all participating entities and is looking forward to a successful collaboration that will bring the project to fruition. This project, which includes a major upgrade and embellishment of the surrounding areas with new recreational zones, represents the “first major road infrastructure project that incorporates a comprehensive 10-year operations and maintenance period”, Infrastructure Malta stated.

The submissions received are:

  • EPE JV: €34.7 million
  • Shining Star Infrastructure and Construction Co. Ltd: €49.7 million
  • RM Construction Ltd: €40.8 million


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