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Running parallel to Maltese policymakers’ embrace of a digital renovation of the economy, businesses are innovating, investing, and establishing a market for one of the most exciting propositions of the latest step of the network revolution.

The Internet of Things is officially no longer at the embryonic stage, with Malta’s largest telecommunications company capitalising on its network to offer local businesses the latest technological offering.

GO Business’s asset tracking solution helps businesses manage their assets more efficiently, protecting them against theft and reducing costs.

“For most businesses, it is a constant challenge to keep track of valuable assets, equipment and goods while in transit or when deployed on the field,” says Victor Zammit, business development manager at GO Business.

“Assets are constantly misplaced, damaged or stolen, and businesses incur significant costs and disruptions to locate, repair or replace such assets. Therefore, monitoring and tracking of these assets has become increasingly critical and this is what drove GO to develop Asset Tracking as our first IoT solution.”

The battery-powered tracking device includes a SIM card with data connectivity, and can be attached to anything from construction equipment to valuable merchandise and street furniture.

The device transfers information to the GO IoT Platform dashboard, where it is available to see and download for 30 days.

The platform is powered by Cumulocity IoT, develop by leading German company Software AG, and is designed to provide a highly secure and flexible platform from which custom IoT solutions can be developed.

Cumulocity provides best-in-class IoT solutions, featuring the latest advancements in IoT technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the highest security standards.

Through the platform, users have access to numerous features including device management functionalities, the setting of alarms and alerts, reporting capabilities and advanced data analytics, delivering companies with significant cost savings, increased operational efficiency and better service to their respective clients.

“Connectivity remains a critical factor when it comes to locating assets outside companies’ premises, so the service avails itself of GO’s various connectivity solutions which provide the important link between tracking devices and platforms,” says Arthur Azzopardi, Chief Officer of GO Business.

“One of the key strengths of this solution is that it relies on our highly dependable network and secure IoT platform, offering the highest level of service and assurance that our business clients are accustomed to.”

He says that GO’s decision to invest in this technology “is driven by the belief that IoT solutions will play a critical role in digital innovation and in achieving operational efficiencies.”

In fact, with the rollout of 5G technology, the IoT has gone from dream to reality, and GO now wants to simplify the technology aspect and speed up the adoption of IoT across local businesses.

“Following through on our purpose to drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind, we are bringing to the local market a world class IoT platform that would facilitate the development of IoT solutions, enabling companies to reap the benefits of IoT when applied to their business,” continues Mr Azzopardi.

For GO, this move represents the first step into the IoT space, with new offerings in the pipeline for the coming months as it seeks to walk in tandem with its customers in driving the digital revolution.


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