Finally responding to a common annoyance faced by iPhone users across the globe since the onset of the pandemic, Apple has released a software update which among several features, allows Face ID recognition while users are wearing a face mask.

Apple released iOS 15.4 on Monday, and users can now download the update in their iPhone’s settings app.

Tech pundits say this software update is likely to be the biggest by Apple until June of this year, when the company is expected to release iOS 16 at its developer conference.

How to set up Face ID with a mask

After downloading the latest update, users should head to settings, tap Face ID & Passcode, click the option to turn on Face ID with a Mask, and scan your face.

This feature will also allow users to unlock their iPhone with their Apple Watch while wearing a mask.

The Face ID update also has a section on how to use Face ID when wearing glasses and a face mask, encouraging users to set up their Face ID while wearing glasses to improve accuracy.

Other new features from the latest update include new emojis and a service that allows users to accept credit card payments without additional equipment.

In addition, Apple has introduced a Universal Control feature, allowing users to drag and drop files between iPad and a Mac.


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