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The Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate on Friday granted KM Malta Airlines Ltd an Air Operator Certificate and an Air Operator Licence, paving the way for a new national airline for the Maltese Islands.

The new airline will perform its first inaugural flight on 31st March 2024.

In a press release, the new company said that “the vision, ambition and mandate of KM Malta Airlines is to protect and enhance the connectivity of the Maltese Islands to Europe and beyond, to support the islands’ continued economic development and to grow into a successful and sustainable airline.”

KM Malta Airlines will adopt a key European destination focus, linking Malta with the main capital cities in Western Europe, with the primary European airport hubs, and connecting with partner airlines.

Following the achievement of this milestone, KM Malta Airlines announced that it has launched its Summer 2024 schedule and will open for bookings on Monday 4th December 2023.

The Summer 2024 schedule of KM Malta Airlines will operate from 31st March 2024 and will end on 26th October 2024. During this summer programme the airline will operate an intense flying schedule serving 17 airports across 15 cities operating a total of 8,546 flights and offering 1,430,000 seats.

The airline will perform 284 weekly flights reaching an average aircraft utilisation of 12hrs 08 mins per unit day.

Key highlights of KM Malta Airline’s Summer 2024 programme include:
• 82 weekly flights between Malta and Italy
• 48 weekly flights between Malta and France
• 44 weekly flights between Malta and the United Kingdom
• 40 weekly flights between Malta and Germany

The airline has also announced that, according to plan, it has launched its recruitment program and will be seeking to recruit around 375 employees with the first call being made for Captains and First Officers.

The new airline will operate a young single-type aircraft fleet of 8 Airbus 320NEOs, in a two-class configuration with a flexible Business Class cabin, averaging 168 total saleable seats with up to 36 Business Class seats.

“These modern fuel-efficient aircraft offer superior operating economics and better environmental performance with reduced CO2 emissions per passenger and lower noise pollution,” said the company.

KM Malta Airlines extended its gratitude to the Civil Aviation Directorate at Transport Malta and to “everyone who has been part of this journey and the accomplishment of this first important milestone.”

The airline said it is “eagerly anticipating welcoming its first passengers onboard its aircraft.”



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