MaltaCEOs 2021

MaltaCEOs 2021, a leading annual business publication, has officially been launched, bringing together 50 local leading Chief Executive Officers shaping Malta’s business landscape.

Despite the significant pandemic-related disruptions to businesses across the island, MaltaCEOs 2021’s 330 pages of insightful interviews and stories from the biggest names in business is an all-time record for the prestigious publication.

The record number of pages of MaltaCEOs 2021 has coincided with the publication being printed on FSC certified paper. MaltaCEOs 2021, in fact, has been officially certified by the global assurance programme, meaning that the paper used is made with, or contains, sustainable forest-based materials from FSC-certified forests or reclaimed sources.

The FSC label ensures that trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally, and it is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland trust.

Jo Caruana, who has been editing MaltaCEOs since its inception, remarked that the work undertaken to see the 2021 launch has been “overwhelming, but also exciting”, adding that despite the challenges being faced by CEOs interviewed in this edition, their stories have been immensely positive.

“They talk of the incredible camaraderie that was crafted in those early days of the pandemic. They recall how challenges were turned into opportunities to banish the status quo, and how inspiration hit them about how to pivot successfully.”

Furthermore, Ms Caruana said those who follow the publication will be aware that she likes to attribute a buzzword to the 365 days encompassed within it.

In 2019, for instance, the buzzword was ‘people’, while 2020’s was ‘sustainability’. This year, however, despite both words maintaining an important place on the leaderboard, the buzzword chosen was ‘agility’, encompassing the fast pace of change required by local business leaders to navigate the storm that was 2020.

The MaltaCEOs media brand is owned and managed by Content House Group, Malta’s largest media company that targets and caters for the business-to-business and the corporate audience.

Core members of the MaltaCEOs executive team include Corporate Sales and Business Development Manager Bernard Schranz, Director of Operations and Sales Lindsey Napier, Creative Director and Design Nicholas Cutajar, Operations and Client Relationship Manager Elena Dimech, Head of Digital and Marketing Raisa Mazzola, and Photography by Bernard Polidano, Albert Camilleri, Alan Carville, Kris Micallef and Inigo Taylor.

The editorial team is also made up of Noella Abramovic, Angie Amato, Rebecca Anastasi, Laura Bonnici, Rebecca Cachia, Paula Fleri-Soler, Sarah Micallef and Martina Said.

The publication’s major business partners for the 2021 additions are the Family Business Office, Malta Further & Higher Education Authority, Maltco Lotteries, RE/MAX Malta and Ċarblu Malta.

With 50 of the biggest names and respected CEOs, here is the full-list (not in any particular order) that made it to MaltaCEOs 2021:

  • Norman Aquilina – CEO, Farsons Group
  • Julian Mamo – Managing Director, GasanMamo Insurance
  • Jeremy Cassar – CEO, Marsovin Ltd
  • Matthew Von Brockdorff – CEO, Atlas Insurance
  • Adriana Camilleri Vassallo – CEO, Francis J Vassallo & Associates
  • David Curmi – CEO, MAPFRE MSV Life plc
  • Christopher Busuttil Delbridge – CEO, Evolve
  • Vasileios Kasiotakis – CEO, Maltco Lotteries
  • Michael Bonello – CEO, Alliance Group
  • Nikhil Patil – CEO, GO Plc
  • Kevin Rapinett – CEO, Halmann Vella
  • Jeffery Buttigieg – CEO, RE/MAX Malta
  • Jamie Houston – Managing Director, Ċarblu Malta
  • Rose Anne Cuschieri – CEO, Malta Further and Higher Education Authority
  • Charles Xuereb – CEO, Trident Estates Plc
  • Joanna Delia – CEO, People & Skin
  • Enrico Bradamante – CEO, Maverick Slots, and Founder & Chairman, iGen
  • Dana Farrugia – CEO,
  • Felipe Navarro – CEO, MAPFRE Middlesea
  • Dino Fino – CEO, Dino Fino Home + Contracts
  • Anton Buttigieg – CEO, TradeMalta
  • Rick Hunkin – CEO, Bank of Valletta
  • Michelle Piccinino – CEO, Environment and Resources Authority
  • Andrei Grech – CEO, AG Group
  • Paolo Catalfamo – Chairman, Lifestar Holding Plc
  • Reuben Xuereb – CEO, QP Design | Engineer | Manage
  • Arthur Calleja – CEO, Würth Ltd
  • Jean Claude Muscat – CEO, St James Hospital Group
  • Matthew J Mercieca – CEO, Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects (MJMDA)
  • Kevin Chircop – Executive Chairman, Enemed
  • Jimmy Cutajar – CEO, Global Freight Solutions (GFS)
  • Jesmond Bugeja – CEO, Malta Communications Authority
  • James Calleja – CEO, Principal & CEO, MCAST
  • Beppe Muscat – CEO, NM Group
  • Paul V Tabone – CEO, Tabbingtons Ltd
  • Sandro Zammit – CEO, Bull Europe Ltd
  • Andre Zarb – Senior Partner, KPMG
  • Peter-Jan Grech – CEO, BRND WGN
  • Johann Grech – Malta Film Commissioner & CEO, Malta Film Studios
  • Jesmond Mifsud – CEO, Malta Maritime Pilots
  • Karl Azzopardi – CEO, INDIS Malta Ltd
  • Joseph Gerada – Regulator, Family Business Office
  • Niki Travers Tauss – Managing Director, Espirit Yachting
  • Carmel Cachia – Chief Administrator & CEO, eSkills Malta Foundation
  • Gege Gatt – CEO, EBO
  • Miriam Teuma – CEO, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ
  • Sebastian Ripard – CEO, TXF Tech
  • Reuben Lautier – Architect & Director, Natural Stone Workshop
  • Laura Jasenaite – CEO, COOL Ride-Pooling
  • Gareth Genner – CEO, Trust Stamp

In addition to the MaltaCEOs 2021 publication, February will see the launch of, the sister media brand of the Malta CEOs publication and a new exclusive portal for CEOs, business leaders and people involved in management at C-Level, and where all 50 interviews with the above business leaders will be serialised.


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