Calamatta Cuschieri, Malta’s largest financial services firm on Friday unveiled Moneybase, what the company described as Malta’s first neobank.

Moneybase is the result of a €10-million investment in a digital platform that offers all things finance and a multitude of services ranging from cards to transactional banking. The platform promises to be able to open an account “within minutes.”

A neobank can be described as a digital-only financial institution that offers basic banking services. Part of the appeal of such platforms is the convenience of sending and receiving payment, or exchanging foreign currencies, and are sometimes associated with lower transaction fees.

Alan Cuschieri, co-CEO at Calamatta Cuschieri and founder of Moneybase, said: “The new Moneybase app makes it easy for people to manage their finances. Maltese and European residents can open an account within minutes, send and receive payments in 34 countries using their own IBAN, get a physical or virtual Mastercard, make instant payments to contacts, as well as saving when spending all over the world thanks to competitive FX rates.”

Described as user-friendly, its processes have been designed to be customer-oriented and fully digital, without customers having to visit branches or fill in paperwork. The app is also touted as giving customers full control of their cards, allowing them to view their card PIN and manage many other security settings, such as freezing a card or setting permissions on e-commerce transactions, swipe payments and ATM withdrawals, all from within the app. It is also easy to shop online with Moneybase thanks to 3DS2, which allows customers to approve payments securely within the application itself.

“We are delighted to offer these new payment services in addition to our existing investment services. This is a milestone for both Calamatta Cuschieri and the Maltese Financial Services Industry.

“Moneybase is offering a unique client experience for customers in the local market and it is backed by ISO-certified customer support seven days a week via phone and digital means. The convenience and ease of use of Moneybase, combined with the great local customer service and the peace of mind that comes with it, is revolutionary for the Maltese market.

“Moneybase is testimony of the capabilities of the Maltese workforce and its ability to create products that can compete internationally. We have been present in the market for 50 years, and this milestone will undoubtedly change the face of Calamatta Cuschieri and the Maltese Financial Services Industry. We believe that the future for Financial Services and Fintech in Malta is bright, and we are here to contribute positively towards the local market and also to continue making Malta proud internationally,” Mr Cuschieri added.

CCTrader, the award-winning platform and app, has evolved into Moneybase Invest app. It will continue to offer the same great investment service while forming part of the new Moneybase ecosystem. Along the years, CCTrader has become a household name, providing thousands of investors access to over 20,000 instruments available in over 40 international markets, including direct access to the Malta Stock Exchange.

Moneybase users are invited have their say in shaping the next-generation financial platform by joining the online public roadmap, community page and Facebook group. To access Moneybase, users may download the app from either the Android or Apple Store. Visit for more information.



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