The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) announced that it has signed a separate memorandum of understanding with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Malta Employers Association.

This framework of collaboration aims to support the growth of digital services whilst promoting regulatory compliance amongst Maltese businesses.

The memorandum includes joint education and awareness efforts to ensure businesses are kept informed of developments in digital services, and regulatory changes. It also includes knowledge and experience sharing on new developments in the field, particularly regarding eCommerce regulations, the Digital Service Act (DSA), website and app accessibility, and trust services.

The parties will also engage in dialogue and consultation to guide policy formulation, and facilitate self-regulation initiatives.

“We are thrilled to be working closely with these reputable bodies to advance digital services and promote regulatory compliance for the benefit of Maltese businesses,” said Jesmond Bugeja, CEO of the Malta Communications Authority, “this memorandum represents a significant step forward in our efforts to support businesses as they navigate the complex and constantly evolving digital landscape. We look forward to collaborating with these representative bodies to achieve our shared goals and foster digital growth in Malta.”


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