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As Malta is fast approaching the announcement of new measures to attract Digital Nomads in the form of a Digital Nomad Framework, as confirmed by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri last week, the Malta Digital Nomad Association (MDNA) is founded.

Less than a month ago, an open letter titled ‘How Malta Can Fix Its Global Reputation and Rebuild Its Economy by Becoming the New (Digital) Homebase for the First Billion of Remote Workers by 2030’ pressing why Malta should become a Digital Nomad Island gained traction, the MDNA said.

The letter was rapidly followed by Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela’s announcement saying that Malta will hop on the Digital Nomad bandwagon, it highlighted.

“The concept of remote working really interests me, and we’ve recently been working on a framework to attract Digital Nomads. Our strategic location has attracted some of history’s greatest traders and seafarers, and, as an island state with no natural resources, Malta’s economy thrived and continues to thrive on trade. In the coming days, we’ll announce measures to utilise this phenomenon in Malta, said Minister Schembri last week when discussing measures to attract digital nomads. .

At the beginning of 2021, Minou Schillings, Loic Moncany, and Daniel Goebel, three entrepreneurs from mainland Europe who have been lobbying for Malta as a Digital Nomad destination for the last five years, announced that they will found the MDNA.

On Thursday, the MDNA was launched, aiming to make Malta the ideal destination for digital nomads by offering support, information, and a range of services.

The Association said it is committed to ensure that digital nomads can easily plug-in into the Maltese ecosystem and lifestyle. “The MDNA is the driving force behind, the future one-stop-shop for all information regarding Nomad Life on the Maltese islands.”

The freshly started Malta Digital Nomad Association will mainly focus on four key areas:

Information: Providing support and information to Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Awareness: Raising public and political awareness about the opportunities within the Digital Nomad movement in Malta

Promotion: Promoting Malta internationally as the ideal Digital Nomad Destination

Social Impact: Enabling social impact-driven connections between Digital Nomads and Maltese residents

The overall aim of the MDNA is to lead the whole nation of Malta into prospering toward a sustainable future following a 2030 Vision.

This unprecedented change includes encouraging digital nomads, remote workers, startups, entrepreneurs, and all of those willing to make a change to go and expand from the previous iGaming, Language Schools, and controversial ‘golden passports’ industry.

With COVID forcing increased dependence on remote working, the launch of the MDNA could not come at a more appropriate time.

Simultaneously, the MDNA has launched its online portal as the single point of contact for all the stakeholders, society, local businesses, and incoming remote workers.


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