Malta Invest 2024, the global investment guide that focuses on Malta as an investment destination, has officially been released and is now being distributed globally in London, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai and Brussels, and also in Malta.

Produced, published and owned by Content House Group, one of Malta’s largest media organisations in the online and print sectors, Malta Invest is the only international investment guide that focuses on Malta as a destination. The global publication provides extensive content, information and insights across various sectors relevant to all those who are eyeing the country as a potential investment jurisdiction.

Contributions from major investors and locally based protagonists in business and investment across sectors enhance the publication by providing valuable insights, local perspectives, context and practical advice for potential investors.

In this one-stop guide, investors are also provided with extensive information on schemes and incentives in Malta designed to encourage private enterprise. The guide also offers in-depth insights and tailor-made content that sheds light on the key public and private players who can assist in their investment journey and can keep them updated on current and imminent policy and economic developments.

“Our aim is to assist potential investors in their decision-making process by presenting facts, providing context, and offering invaluable insights from stakeholders in each sector covered. Our ultimate objective is to help investors make sensible and sustainable investment decisions,” shares Robert Fenech, Editor of Malta Invest.

Indeed, as the world is swept up in new challenges and rapid developments, Malta stands as an island of relative stability that keeps defying expectations by weathering storms with a resilience deeply appreciated by all who invest here.

The country is not immune to the devastating impacts of war, inflation and energy shocks, but has responded to all these with willingness to go against the grain, providing the basis for growth in various sectors operating from the islands.

From mainstays like financial services, tourism and iGaming to new opportunities in aviation, artificial intelligence and the superyacht sector, most industries active in Malta continue to develop in line with the shifting global economic scenario.

These are buoyed by ongoing investment in niches with high upside potential as well as significant support for businesses and households through energy and fuel subsidies. Malta’s economic growth has been further fuelled by a population boom as people move to the islands to fill labour market gaps, with a quarter of the workforce now born abroad.

Meanwhile, the country has also become home to a significant number of high-net-worth individuals and investors, many of whom benefit from the several residency schemes on offer. It is no secret that visitors often fall in love with Malta, buying properties in luxury developments or even historic palazzos in the old stomping grounds of the Order of the Knights of St John.

Malta Invest has gained respect and recognition as a reputable source of information for many potential investors looking at Malta a as a destination of interest for their investment quest.

“Our gratitude goes out to all those who contributed to making Malta Invest 2024 a treasure trove of information for investors with a hunger for opportunity and the vision to make a difference,” Robert shares.

With a view to put this edition in the hands of a wider audience, Malta Invest, through Content House, has continued to work with global distributors to ensure the publication reaches out to business leaders, CEOs, people in management, professionals and entrepreneurs.

The extensive distribution of Malta Invest is a first for Malta, with distribution successfully secured in valuable strategic locations and major cities, including London, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dubai, Brussels, and Valletta, at leading business centres, investment banks, corporate firms, business-oriented hotels, private members’ clubs, embassies, first and business class airline lounges, and private jet centres.

For more information on Malta Invest, send an email to or call on 21 320713.


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