MACE 2021

The Malta Aviation Conference and Expo (MACE) 2021, which has rebooting the aviation industry as its central theme, landed in Malta on 26th October, welcoming leading experts in the aviation industry.

The event, which will consist of three days of panel discussions, keynotes and networking, comes as the aviation industry looks forward to a recovery after over a year dominated by the broad impacts of the COVID pandemic.

As the virus mitigation measures shut down international tourism, 2020 was declared the ‘Worst Aviation Year on Record,’ marking the greatest decline in passenger numbers since records begun, and threatening the collapse of some of Europe’s leading airlines.

“Following the hand dealt to the aviation industry by the now infamous COVID pandemic, we managed to bring together the industry in order to discuss and collaborate on ways by which together we can take the industry back to pre-pandemic heights,” celebrated Stanley Bugeja, Jonathan Dalli and Joshua Zammit, MACE Founding Partners.

“We are proud to have yet again created a space for industry players, professionals, as well as policy makers to engage in discussions, partnerships and share best practices in a time of challenges that could turn into business opportunities,” they added.

Malta’s Transport Minister Ian Borg was in attendance at the event, where he described MACE as the “perfect platform” to target and attract keynote speakers and potential investments for further growth in the aviation industry.

The Maltese Government, he insisted, is “committed to offer a supportive shoulder in order to help aviation get back on its feed and continue achieving great results and continuous economic growth.”

In support of the industry’s social responsibility and commitment to a greener future, in 2021 the MACE organisers wanted to go “that extra green mile” to make the Conference and Expo completely carbon neutral.

Together with its supporting partners Carbon TradeXchange (CTX), MACE has offset 100 per cent of the expected carbon emissions that were generated through this conference.


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