As households feel the pinch over a persistently high level of inflation and a rising cost of living, both Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech made sure to address the subject during their Sunday (7th May) address to their supporters.

Dr Abela spoke about the tax refund cheques, which will see around 250,000 workers receive a rebate between €60 – €140 euros. The scheme, which initially started in 2017, is expected to cost the Government a total of €26 million in 2023.

He reiterated that the Government has kept energy and fuel prices stable through extensive subsidies.

Meanwhile, Dr Grech criticised the Prime Minister for inadequately addressing the rising cost of living, pointing out that the cost of essential goods such as milk, bread and sugar has continued to climb.

He described the tax refund cheques as robbing taxpayers and sending them a refund, mentioning the millions of euros the Government spent on the Vitals/Steward hospital deal which local courts described as ‘fraudulent‘.

Dr Grech also mentioned the growing number of people depending on Malta’s Soup Kitchens in light of the increasing cost of living, and the growing share of people who are currently at risk of poverty.



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