Joseph Calleja

The Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja is bringing a number of favourite songs to the Maltese public through an unforgettable concert directly into our homes thanks to the collaboration between Bank of Valletta, NNG promotions and a number of international artists.

The concert, supported by Bank of Valletta, was shot during the past weeks in some of the most beautiful locations around Malta and Gozo, specifically for Christmas 2020.

Calleja’s rendition of popular Christmas song ‘Adeste Fideles’ was shot at Valletta’s majestic Basilica of St Dominic, one of the finest testimonies of the genius of Maltese artist Giuseppe Cali, or the Devil with the Brush as he was known.

Speaking about this initiative, BOV CEO Rick Hunkin said, “This has been a truly extraordinary year for everyone, a time of uncertainty as we adapted and changed all that we considered as ‘life as normal.

“As a truly Maltese Bank, we are delighted to be associated with this performance from the wonderful Maltese Tenor as Joseph Calleja brings the gift of song to us all. The choice of St. Dominic’s Basilica as one of the settings for Joseph Calleja’s songs stems from our ties with this magnificent building.”

“Giuseppe Cali, just like Calleja, left an indelible mark on a significant chapter of Malta’s artistic heritage and at Bank of Valletta we are proud to have supported this massive project in a Church that boasts so many of his works. I am very eager to watch a great Maltese Tenor performing in a Church adorned by a genius Maltese artist,” continued the BOV CEO.

The restoration of the Cali paintings on the ceiling of the Church as well as his titular painting ‘St Dominic’s Confrontation with the Heretics’, were totally supported by Bank of Valletta. Cali was born in Valletta and baptised in this Basilica, and most of the interior decoration bears his name.

“On behalf of all of us at Bank of Valletta, I wish you all a blessed and healthy Christmas, as we look forward to a better year ahead.”

You can watch Joseph Calleja performing Adeste Fideles in the Basilica of St. Dominic on the Bank’s YouTube channel –

The one-hour long Joseph Calleja Christmas Concert will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 1 pm on TVM.

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