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The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has demanded political commitment from the Government to avoid excessive bureaucracy at a meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela and other cabinet members on Wednesday.

This was detailed by the association in an announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

Michael Stivala, the MDA’s president, stated that: “The association has been the catalyst for economic growth during the pandemic, and unlike other industries, many of which benefited from long wage benefits, we never asked for any direct assistance.”

After this, the develop warned that “unbridled” bureaucracy is consistently diminishing the success of Maltese and Gozitan entrepreneurs, prolonging processes and requiring the consumer to make up for delays.

He also claimed that many see the development industry as a “milking cow” and impose extra costs that are being paid out for no additional value, with “the LESA and the BCA being a clear example of where such red tape stands out.”

Dr Abela is said to have expressed his understanding on this topic and agreed that this is a concern that the Government is willing and committed to tackling.

Various senior ministers were present for the meeting, including Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, Infrastructure Minister Aaron Farrugia, and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zinzo Azzopardi.

To the ministers, Mr Stivala also took the opportunity to address environmental issues, expressing “disappointment” in how certain areas are being neglected, especially in the countryside.

He encouraged commentators to “look at the big picture” rather than simply objecting to and criticising private development projects based on “envy and selfishness.”

“It is time that certain decisions need to be taken, even if they may seem to be drastic ones and not the most popular, but this is the only way to keep the desired economic stability,” the MDA’s announcement concluded.

The meeting came before, addressing parliament on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Robert Abela warned that “courageous” investment-related decisions will be necessary to hold the country out of austerity.

“We cannot expect to sustain [Government’s energy inflation subsidy] unless we bring in investment and create new jobs and new opportunities. The economy remains the key,” he said.

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