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The Malta Development Association (MDA) has welcomed the publication of a white paper detailing amendments to Malta’s Condominium Act, describing the reform as “long overdue”.

Published on Wednesday by the Ministry for Public Works and the Ministry of Justice, the proposed reform, said the MDA, “shows the Government’s commitment to address the current realities and difficulties faced by administrators and residents of condominiums.”

The development lobby was “pleased to note” that most of its key proposals found their way into the white paper, and noted that its Condominium and Building Management Section has had an important role in the process through its suggestions, drafted following extensive consultation with stakeholders and authorities.

However, the MDA called for more effective involvement of its Condominium and Building Management Section in the process being carried out by the Government, given that it is the only representative body of operators and industry experts in Malta.

“This will ensure that several other valid proposals made by the Section are implemented to raise the standard of service in the industry in the interest of both operators and residents who live in condominiums.”

First introduced in 1997, the Condominium Act has been criticised for failing to keep up with Malta’s rapidly developing urban landscape.

The white paper includes a number of proposals that bring more certainty to an area that is often the cause of bitter arguments.

One such proposals is to set up a new Condominium Affairs Tribunal to solve disputes between the condomini, the administrator and third parties.

Meanwhile, condominium administrators would need to be registered with a new regulator tasked with upholding and updating standards. They would also need to have specialised training related to condominium law, finance and property management.

The reform would also see the introduction of obligatory professional and property insurance for the common parts, a well as the setting up of co-owners associations with legal personality, and thus the ability to have a bank account in their own name.


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