Melita has completed its roll out of 5G roaming services across the EU providing customers with “reliable and uninterrupted fast connectivity” while traveling, the telecoms company said in a statement.

Beyond EU borders, 5G data roaming is also available in countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

This move reflects the company’s dedication to “delivering excellent service to its customers, ensuring they have access to the fastest and most dependable networks wherever they go, whether for business or leisure”.

Having a constant, reliable connection is essential for businesses like GVZH, a leading Maltese law firm, which has just secured Melita Business’ top-tier endless mobile plan, which includes the telecom’s seamless 5G roaming service across all of Europe.

When providing counsel around the EU, the company’s legal team can continue to benefit from the same 5G connectivity offered by Melita Business, providing “fast, reliable connectivity for video streaming and other data-heavy services apart from endless calls and SMS”. Ensuring GVZH’s personnel can always remain connected and productive, especially when offering counsel across the EU.

Melita’s collaboration with other roaming partners, ensures its customers are being provided with an equivalent fast and reliable 5G network, wherever they are within the EU, without worrying about additional charges or limitations.

Andrew Zammit, Managing Partner at GVZH, said: “GVZH opted for Melita Business because of its key account management, which provides efficient personalised support and advice on all aspects of our telecommunications needs. This includes everything from guiding us to choose the right plan to troubleshooting technical issues.”

Commenting on the complete rollout of the 5G roaming service across Europe, Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services for Melita, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers seamless 5G connectivity across all of Europe and beyond.

“We are demonstrating our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, and we endeavor to continue working with other roaming operators outside the EU so our customers can enjoy continued fast and reliable connectivity no matter where they are in the world. Beyond providing coverage, our focus is also on making roaming affordable. To achieve this we regularly negotiate with our roaming partners to make non-EU roaming rates more affordable.”

Robert Runza, Director of Business Development for Melita, added that Melita was proud to support organisations like GVZH, who recognised the value of its top-tier service and their dedication to providing personalized support.



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