Miriam Dalli DOI Jason Borg

Enterprise Minister Miriam Dalli has announced the launch of stakeholder consultation on the Malta Start-Up Framework. The announcement was made on Thursday (today), during the first day of the Malta Startup Festival.

She remarked that the country has “a very clear economic direction: to attract the innovators and disruptors, to share their knowledge with our academics, students and the people who will be shaping the future of our country.”

Minister Dalli said that the Government is ‘eager’ to hear the public’s thoughts on share awards, share options, the roles of apprentices and interns and how the Government can further enhance the R&D efforts, boost skill development and attract more talent. “My vision is clear – we want a vibrant, socially just and environmentally sustainable country. I envision a future where the blue and green economies are thriving, providing exciting opportunities for all. Innovation is the key driver of this progress, enabling us to create a brighter, more prosperous future for generations to come.”

“We are also committed to simplifying administrative processes. Over the years, bureaucratic hurdles piled up and its about time we streamline them,” Minister Dalli added.

She stated that the Government’s focus is on companies that are not just driven by profits but also on companies interested in leaving a long-lasting impact on Malta and beyond.

“So, I encourage each one of you to share your feedback and thoughts. Your input will play a pivotal role in shaping the policy measures that will elevate the startup ecosystem to new heights,” Minister Dalli concluded.

About the festival

The festival will host 55 exhibitors, including start-ups, corporates, investors and a number of well-established family businesses. For the first time ever the StartUp Festival will have a dedicated program aimed at students, with more than 150 students from various educational institutions expected to join on Thursday.

Minister Dalli remarked that as a country, Malta cannot overlook the critical role of venture capitalists and angel investors. “So, in this third edition of the Malta Startup Festival, we’ve devoted a larger space for the ‘Deal Room’.”

For the first time, the festival will have its own pitch competition, ‘Pitch Black’ which aims to shine a light on individuals and present their vision and accomplishments to a professional panel of judges and compete for a final awards service package.


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