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A new organisation currently being set up aims to bring licensed construction workers under one roof and give them a united voice in view of new regulations that will add to the responsibilities of those involved in the sector.

The Association of Builders and Contractors, which will bring together licensed masons and contractors involved in demolition, excavation and construction, is in the final stages of preparation before submitting an application to the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, which regulates the non-profit organisation sector.

Michael Cutajar
Michael Cutajar

Michael Cutajar, a licensed mason and one of the key people involved in the new association, tells that it will empower those involved in the sector to speak with a single, strong voice.

Mr Cutajar has been a licensed builder since 2009, having graduated from MCAST with a National Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment. More recently, he obtained a further qualification in project management from Malta Business School. He works with a company of architects and project managers, and also taught masonry for 10 years.

Asked about the value of a new organisation when the Malta Developers Association (MDA) already represents the interests of the industry, Mr Cutajar notes that the MDA officially represents developers, not contractors.

“There have always been a number of contractors involved, but the interests of those involved in construction have not always been represented accurately. Hence the need for a separate organisation.”

Continuing to have different activities represented by a single organisation, he believes, would have led to the adoption of ambiguous positions if not outright conflict. “As a separate, dedicate organisation, we can adopt more definite positions.”

He adds that the new association looks forward to working closely with the MDA, the Chamber of Architects, and other stakeholders – “We have to. Ultimately, it’s the same sector.”

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