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Everyone has that friend who is always prepared for whatever life throws at them. Rain or shine, nothing phases them, because they know that they have taken every precaution necessary to prevent the worst from happening.

Being prepared for a rainy day is certainly a good strategy in life, and this applies just as much, if not more, in business, where the unexpected has a habit of turning up just when it is least welcome. And few things are less welcome in business than loss of assets, whether through theft, negligence, or any other reason.

Whether it is construction tools, vehicles, rental equipment or things like vending machines, precious items capable of generating a return will always be attractive to people who are of the view that what is outside can be taken away.

Luckily, new technological and network developments mean that such assets never need to stray far from their owners’ watchful eye, with asset tracking services now available to put businesses’ mind at rest.

GO Business’s investment into the Internet of Things has provided a platform for the launch of its Asset Tracking solution, which allows unparalleled supervision over businesses’ most valuable assets.

The business benefits of implementing this solution include the ability to be aware of the asset’s exact location at all times, preventing risk of theft, and increasing chances of recovery should it be stolen.

This leads to improvements in efficiency and reliability, while saving money from potential asset loss.

GO Business’s solution – a battery-powered tracking device including a SIM card with round-the-clock connectivity to the provider’s network – is particularly useful for organisations moving many assets regularly, which can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of moving parts.

Keeping an eye on everything can be made much easier by monitoring through GO’s IoT platform, which stores data from the tracking device for viewing and download for 30 days.

Users can also take tracking to the next level by setting notifications for whenever an asset leaves a particular site (known as geofencing), while having its precise location can make co-operation with law enforcement a much smoother task, allowing for the quick recovery of stolen assets.

GO Business offers advanced data analytics reporting as part of the package, helping you gain insight into when assets are being used, in transit, or idle, enabling clients to optimise transportation and avoid delays.

Inventory is also simplified, with data on all a company’s assets centralised in one place, doing away with the risk of human error and reducing reliance on third parties.

All this means that businesses can become more efficient, reducing costs and providing a better service to clients.

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