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“We have to admit that, despite any good intentions, the current planning regime, sadly, has failed completely,” says David Felice, Executive Director at AP Valletta in the cover story of Business Now magazines’ Winter edition which speaks to five leading architects on the mammoth challenges Malta is facing with overdevelopment.

In the final edition of Business Now magazine for 2021, which has officially hit the shelves, the publication turns its attention to the upcoming year and touches base with some of the island’s leading industry figures for their outlook.

On overdevelopment, the cover story also delves into the pressing need to protect Malta’s heritage, the need to reconfigure planning processes and the importance of responsible design, with leading local architects.

And, in an exclusive interview, Ravi Kiran, co-Founder and CEO at AI engineering company SmartCow, discusses the company’s work on integrated technological systems to ameliorate the way societies live and work.

Meanwhile, leading GMs of local five-star hotels reveal how they coped through the trying months of the pandemic and what lies ahead for Malta’s hospitality industry, while business coach Nathan Farrugia explores the struggles that business leaders have faced due to COVID-19, and how they can rejuvenate their mental strength and focus.

Also, in this issue, the siblings and young entrepreneurs behind Malta’s first plastic-free, zero waste shop, ReRoot, share their story. The magazine also charts the impressive history behind one of the oldest cafés in Europe – Valletta’s own Caffe Cordina.

Finally, the story behind the inspiring design of boutique winery Ta’ Betta is given a spotlight and the exciting world of bronze casting with Christopher Chetcuti from Funderija Artistika Chetcuti, the only artistic bronze foundry in Malta, is delved into.

Produced by Content House Group, one of Malta’s largest media organisations owning and managing over 20 media brands in the online and print sectors, Business Now magazine is the sister brand to

Core members of the Business Now Magazine team include Editor Sarah Muscat Azzopardi, Director of Sales and Business Development Matthew Spiteri, Corporate Sales and Business Development Manager Godwin Buttigieg, Senior Operations & Accounts Executive Sue Pisani, and Creative Director and Design Nicholas Cutajar.

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