The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry on Wednesday highlighted that a new POYC Service Level Agreement will regulate the Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme for the period 2022-2027, and that the scheme is open to all licenced pharmacies, irrespective of their membership of a constituted body.

There is no obligation within the Service Level Agreement for any pharmacy to contribute fees to any entity to be able to participate in the scheme, The Malta Chamber stressed. Pharmacy owners who would like further clarification on the matter may contact The Malta Chamber on +356 22032300.

The business-interest group reiterated its position that membership of constituted bodies – similarly to membership of trade unions – should never be mandated, and the freedom of association of business owners must be respected at all times.

The Labour Party raised eyebrows when, in its electoral manifesto for the March 2022 general election, the party said it agrees, in principle, with making it mandatory for workers to join a trade union and will kick off a discussion with social partners on this issue.

This electoral promise led to Malta’s various employer groups and business-interest groups to demand that the Labour Party backtrack on this issue.

In its statement on Wednesday, the Malta Chamber said: “membership of any particular constituted body should never be a requirement for participating in Government schemes. Business owners should be completely free to choose which representative body to associate with.

“The Malta Chamber of Commerce is committed to representing the interests of the business community at large and grateful to those businesses who choose to become members to support the work of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.”


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