Some of Malta’s best loved traditional dishes are taking on an entirely different form, inspiring innovative recreations at Michelin-rated restaurants across the islands. In the third part of this four-part series on recreated traditional dishes by Michelin-recognised restaurants on the island, we take a look at:

The Fork & Cork’s Pastizz

Pastizzi are among the best-known local savoury snacks in Malta, and while they can be found at many pastizzeriji across the islands, one of the most celebrated is undoubtedly Crystal Palace in Rabat, or as locals refer to it, Is-Serkin.

Rabat is also home to Michelin-recognised The Fork and Cork Restaurant, and it is this link, as well as the iconic nature of the local pastizz, that led Chef Patron Carl Zahra to re-imagine the delicious diamond-shaped filo pastries with a ricotta or pea filling on his menu.

“We all have memories of going to Serkin for a couple of pastizzi after a night out,” smiles Carl, referencing the traditional outlet’s popularity among local party-goers, who head there for a hearty snack before heading home for the night.

“Being located so close by, creating a dish to celebrate that had been in my mind for some time, and we finally decided to include it in our spring menu, particularly with peas also being in season.” The elevated dish includes different variations of peas, he notes, describing “crushed peas, pea water jelly and a pea gel, as well as pea shoots to adorn.

Meanwhile, the ricotta is made into a crémeux.” Describing pastizzi as “a stamp of our food culture”, Carl and his team have thus taken the light snack the Maltese islands are so well known for to a whole new level.

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This is part of a feature that was first carried in the summer 2022 edition of Business Now magazine, the sister brand to, produced by Content House Group



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